New logo for TP companies.

Following the acquisition of Asker Subsea, and last year’s establishment of TPConnectors, TP (Teknisk-Produksjon) now has several products in its portfolio in addition to being a supplier of machining and testing services.

In the transition from being purely a service supplier to becoming a full multi-product supplier, a new branding strategy has been developed with the aim to give our clients a common recognition for all TP companies.

The main logo is the same for all three companies’; TP connectors, TP asker subsea and TP machining, showing the initials of “Teknisk Produksjon”. The differentiation is made by showing different colours of the dash in the lower left corner. TP connectors will keep their dark red colour from the previous logo, while TP machining and TP asker subsea will be presented with the blue colour previously associated with TP in the past. On the lower right corner the logo is supported by the division name.


TPC logo - new